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My all new Unity Dark Re-Spin 12.04.I have spent over 3 days on this to be as stable as possible with Compiz. This Distro has a lot of new things like new wallpaper collection, apps,tons of new icons, window themes,all pre-loaded and ready out of the box.I have not seen anything on Distro watch like this Distro. I hope you Enjoy this new Re-spin of Unity. I will be doing a Review on this Distro very soon. Please help me out with a cup of coffee or Lunch with a small donation. Thanks, Jesse

Unity Dark 2 now available  for download on this link

Review Link
P.D.F Info link 
Download Links file size 2.2 gb  32bit Download Only.  Password for the Distro ( 12 )


SourceForge Download Link


Torrent Link


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